Patient Reviews & Testimonials

Reviews of Physical Therapy Treatments


(10/9/20  patient update following her first reflexology session)

“Thank you so much Lori,  I loved the reflexology work you did today.  I just took my shoes off to stretch my feet and feel them more fully on the ground — less tension in them and in the rest of my body.  I sensed that you felt the tender spots very clearly and worked on those areas in a progressive way.  Definitely the best reflexology I’ve ever had!!”


(8/9/18  patient update following treatment for fractured sacrum):

“…the reason I am typing, is to let you know that I am so thankful for you every single day.  When I stand in line, pain free; when I drive a couple of hours, pain free; when I pull weeds mostly pain free (but who wants to pull weeds anyway???);  and when I go for days at a time without a hint of that old pain I am thankful for you and I just need to make sure that you know that.  You are simply amazing. 🙂


(3/18/18 patient update following four Physical Therapy sessions for hip, heel and groin pain):

“My snowboarding was so much better this weekend! Feet and hips were able to work more efficiently and effortlessly! So much more relaxed and fluid…



(11/15/17 patient update following 1st physical therapy evaluation and treatment):

Hey Lori!

Just want to let you know that I’ve been doing my homework everyday! I can certainly feel a difference and my knee pain has reduced! I’m so excited with my progress thus far and with the future progress.
I can’t wait to come see you Friday!


(11/3/17 patient update following 1st physical therapy evaluation and treatment):

hi Lori, thank you for working with me yesterday. i love that you can see the full picture and are not like most therapists who tend to not.
I’ve struggled w my body issues for years as you know and having someone understand me is a blessing!


(7/11/17 patient update following physical therapy sessions to treat a running related injury):

You’re a miracle worker.  Yesterday was the best 7 mile run in a long time.  I’ll send anyone who needs PT your way.


(7/5/17 patient update following 2 sessions addressing shoulder injury after a fall):

You helped me sooo much- I would recommend you to anyone. My healing was practically instantaneous.
(I’d like to come back just to hang out with you!)


(5/19/17 patient update one day following 1 session addressing 20 years of reported tightness around ribs and diaphragm):

Thank you, Lori.  Yesterday my rib cage felt amazingly free, and today is still good. Learning about the ‘lats’ was refreshing in how I’m thinking about and imagining this issue.
With breath,


(4/17/17 patient following 5 sessions in preparation for total hip replacement surgery):

The session today was very helpful. My energy has shifted in a positive direction and my body feels more relaxed.
I will definitely keep you posted and really appreciate your abilities and knowledge. Working with you exceeded every expectation of mine.


(4/16/17 patient the day after initial evaluation and treatment session):

Thanks Lori.

This is great!  I woke up this morning with less numbness in my thumb and just went through the whole series you sent me.  The rolling on the balls through my thoracic spine is so intense, but i can literally feel like i have more room and space to breathe now. After I did the trigger points against the wall, my shoulders felt great and really open!  You are a miracle worker 😉
I’m definitely highly motivated to keep this up.


(4/1/17 patient and massage therapist the day after initial evaluation and treatment session):

My hamstring and whole hip area feel great today, best day I’ve felt in a long time. You’re a miracle worker! Thanks so much and it was great to see you!


Lori is the best at what she does! I would recommend all of my friends and family to go to her. She really helped me with my hips hurting and lower back.


Lori truly cares about her patients and will do whatever is in her power to help them. She treats every person like a VIP.


Lori Wynn is a true healer. She listens and is able to help. She has helped me through the years when others were not able to do anything. I would highly recommend her.


Lori, you are a gem! I got home and my spirit is lifted because my neck and back feel so good!  I didn’t realize until I got home and reflected that I “saw” how much my physical issues were affecting my mood.   I feel more like myself after each session.  I am so grateful for you and your good work. See you next week.


The craniosacral has significantly improved my neck.  It still needs some work, and the effects are subtle — tightness and pain are not gone, but significantly dampened.  Looking forward to more on Monday!


I’ve had plenty of massages to alleviate pain, but when I pulled my back out, I saw Lori. I was suspicious when she pulled out her electrical acupuncture devices, thinking they were hocus pocus, but after two sessions, my back pain was gone.


(patient 4/22/16)

“Lori you are an angel. I feel the work already in what little we did… I’m so looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.

I am not only good -I am wide-eyed and optimistic about my body issues for the first time in I can’t remember how long.”


(patient 11/30/15)”I feel great! (after today’s reflexology session) Mind, body, and soul!”


(patient 12/1/15)

“I can’t tell you how great I have felt this past year since I’ve been seeing you. I have not needed to go the pain clinic for injections (i was going 2 x per year)” 


(patient 10/19/15)

Following initial PT session: “ I feel a TON better this am. Really, amazingly better. Even my foot feels better!” 



“Dear Lori,

It’s been a pleasure getting to know you – even for a short time! Thank you for helping me more towards healing and getting back to a place where I can continue to do what I love.


J.S. (Professional Violinist)




“Dear Lori

Truly, I feel SUCH a great sense of privilege and responsibility to honor the work you helped guide me through today.  It WAS a weight off my shoulders, literally.  I hope you know how incredibly grateful I feel, and also that I am booking myself in to see you for WHATEVER whenever I am here visiting.  

You are an amazing healer, and you exude wisdom, grace, integrity and absolutely NO judgement.  So great to meet you…”


(patient 1/31/16)

“…I’m feeling empowered to change the body’s pain, and shift some energy.

I’m so grateful to know you…You have no idea how much moved in me emotionally in your healing space. The body will follow….” 


(patient 6/2/15)

I’m very excited about the road in front of me and I have you to thank for helping me find the path. Muchos gracias! 


(patient 12/2015)

“Amazing day after last session. Best I have felt in  a decade.” 


(patient 12/2015)

After initial evaluation (first and only visit) “Between the Theracane and the stretches I feel great! The tension is all gone as long as I do those. I’ll definitely be in touch if I ever have problems down the road or know anyone who needs a physical therapist, thank you so much for helping me! 


(patient and massage therapist 2/10/16)

“Hey..  Today was pretty great.  I’ve been walking around barefoot all afternoon, processing and integrating it all.

I wanted to say thank you for going deep with me.  I feel like there is a deeper practice in my abilities as a body worker, but I don’t really have the guts to go there with clients.  I really enjoyed today’s session and I admire what you do.”


(patient and triathlete with chronic hip pain 9/17/1)6

Text after one physical therapy session with Lori Wynn Physical Therapy:

I have been running-no hip or knee pain! U r brilliant!!! Thx so much”

A Teenager’s  Mom:

“Dear Lori,
From now on I will call you … ” the miracle worker”.
I wish you would have seen her Sunday afternoon and Monday when she left.
She was walking with a good posture, she was moving her body sideways, etc., etc.
She also was very diligently doing her massages on her stomach and with the golf ball in the back. She had a good night sleep, the first one in a few days…
I spoke with her today, she was fine.  Taking care of herself.  She did her exercises before she went to work.
I hope you know you did good!
I want to say to you one more time: Thank you!!!!!”

Barbara G (after only one session and following through with her individually designed exercise program):

“Hi Lori, I have decided to cancel my appointment on Wednesday. I have felt really good with the RELIGIOUSLY wearing shoes with extra arches. I have taken much less Advil, some days I take none! I take the turmeric every day. As I was remembering, you said that the problem would be fixed with shoes and I think you are right and I don’t need more physical therapy. I also lie on the tennis ball because it feels good.

This last year has not been good for me and you are one of two people who have really helped me. You saw my problem and gave excellent advice. (The other was a new eye doctor who made glasses that corrected my double vision!
Thank you for your help. You will be the first I call if I am in trouble again.
Thank you for everything. I hope you and your family have a wonderful 2017.”



(patient’s text after morning physical therapy session for chronic bilateral knee and hip pain) “Walking and moving like I haven’t in months!!!!!! Maybe get even take a real walk.”